Sunday, August 01, 2010

Bola por la Canal / Ball down the Canal

No les puedo mentir. Inventar este jueguito fue más una necesidad… necesitaba cocinar y Ym quería jugar conmigo. No tengo que explicar mucho, verdad?
///I have to be honest with you. Inventing this little game was more a necessity... I needed to make dinner and Ym wanted me to be his playdate. No need to explain, right?

Improvisamos esta “canal” sobre la mesa de la sala.

///We improvised this "canal" on the living room table.

La bola rodaría por la “canal” hasta caer aquí, en esta canasta.
///The ball should go down the "canal" and drop inside the basket.

Ym no tardó en intentarlo.
///Ym didn't think it twice.

Quién puede adivinar si le gustó o no?
///Could anybody guess if he liked it or not?

Y aquí es donde incorporamos algo de Matemática. Cada vez que la bola caía en la canasta sin rebotar fuera Ym ponía una piedrita en la taza plástica. Al final tenía que contra todas las piedras.
///Now, this is where we incorporated Math a little. Everytime the ball fell inside the basket Ym would put a little stone inside the plastic cup. He had to count all these little stones at the very end.

Ym haciendo trampa para agarrar la bola.
///This is Ym cheating.

Y actuando como si nadie se hubiese dado cuenta!
///And acting as if no one saw him!

Se acuerdan de la delicada canasta que usamos al principio?
Pues la tuvimos que cambiar por este canasto de ropa gigantezco y de plástico para asegurarme de que no fallara agarrando la bola. {Ya saben, vi señales de frustración.}
///Remember the fine basket we were using at the beginning? Well, THAT basket had to be replaced with this HUGE and not-so-cute plastic laundry basket. I had to make sure he didn't fail at catching the ball to often. {You know, signs of frustration were showing.}

GrAcIaS por ViSiTaRnOs!
ThAnKs for StOpPiNg By!


  1. Se te ha ocurrido algo muy entretenido

  2. Very cute game! What did you use for the canal?

  3. Gracias MAULINA!
    Thanks MOM AND KIDDO!
    Hi PHYLLIS! I believe this is the 1st time you comment on my blog. Thanks and welcome!
    Now, as to the canal... well, this is kind of embarrasing... this is supposed to be some corner of my children's chest. :)
    It kept coming off and we got sick of reparing it! So it was just standing there waiting to be used for creative play.
    Take care Phyllis.

  4. I love how your YM changed the size of the basket. It shows great inventiveness, and why make life harder than it needs to be?

  5. Always fun in playing with balls! And cute is not a factor when it comes to games for boys LOL

  6. Sometimes the best inventions come out of necessity! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Children need this fun active way of experiencing math. I loved the idea of each time the ball went in the basket a pebble was placed in the cup and then they were counted at the end. There is so much learning going on while having so much FUN! Thanks for your post. :)

  8. Hi, visiting from math links. I liked how you made this game both fun and educational. And some physics was involved here too :)

  9. That looks like so much fun. I love hands on learning activities :)

  10. Necessity is the mother of invention - right? I like it! ve just found your blog - hello :) I hold a Play Academy linky on Friday's promoting play and learning - I would love it if you would come and share with us.

  11. What a creative and responsive Mama you are. It certainly looks like your son enjoyed it, and I hope you got dinner on the table :)


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