Tuesday, August 03, 2010

MONTESSORI Infant Bedroom

Taken from WillowTreePhoto

I'm sure many of you recognize this gorgeous Montessori bedroom from
Sew Liberated.
The pictures shown in this blog are absolutely amazing! I almost feel like having another baby just to have the room. I SAID ALMOST!!!

Thank you Meg for your creativity and Mari-Ann for helping me find this link. ;)


  1. I immediately recognized that first bedroom from Sew Liberated (visit her blog for the full tour of the room) -- isn't it wonderful?! It's exactly what we hope to do with our future children. We've already sold James' crib! :)

  2. my eldest son had a very montessori room, not that i had found montessorie 7 years ago. He had a low bed with matress, boxes with his toys and teddies in and he could reach everything he needed. my second spent most of his cot life co sleeping with us. My Eldest son now sleeps in a pop up iglo and totaly refusess a bed. i think it's quite cute!! i love how he makes a nest and snuggles in!!

  3. Wow! No le puedo hacer algo asi a mis hijos, porque todo lo destruyen, jajaja, supongo que son muchos chiquitos juntos y cuando se ponen de acuerdo, no hay quien pueda con ellos. Se trepan por todas partes porque ellos son Iron Man, Spider Man y Hulk ( así dicen llamarse, jejeje) Supongo que en un par de añitos más podré organizarles su cuarto con todo a su alcance (cuando no se tiren de todos lados!!!)

  4. What a lovely bedroom! I made a Montesori infant bedroom when my son was a baby – and it worked so well! The low bed on the floor and toys on low shelves make for a happy infant and toddler!


  5. Wow...this is really interesting.. Low bed...open shelves... I should suggest this to my brother when designing the bedroom for his first son! Thanks!


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