Monday, January 18, 2010

Pareando Texturas / Matching Textures

Este material se usa para parear diferentes texturas, un ejercicio sensorial. Yn lo hizo sin problemas con sus ojos vendados. Pero Ym lo quiso hacer con los ojos abiertos. Y en realidad lo que hizo fue un pareo visual. Aún así, intentamos lograr que tocara con dos de sus dedos (índice y del corazón) cada textura. Con respecto al material, pienso que cada textura la fabricaron muy pequeña ya que los dedos de los nenes apenas tienen espacio para sentirlas.
This material is used to match different textures, a sensory exercise. Yn had no problem doing this activity blindfolded. But Ym wanted to peek all the time. What he really did was visual matching. Nevertheless, we tried to make him touch and feel each texture with both of his fingers (index and middle). Now, speaking of the material, each piece of texture was made too small as my kid’s fingers hardly have enough space to touch and feel it.


  1. Neat, where did you get these. I made some tablets for my son but he's not that into them yet.

  2. My 3 yo is not into this either. I got this material from a friend who found this person who was selling it. This is the closest thing to traditional Montessori material that I have. But, to be honest, the handmade ones are better.


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