Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Teaching how to use a Knife... and dividing

This is the story of a cute little kid who wanted to have a snack.
He wanted to have BIMBO mini cakes... all 3 of them!
And mommy, trying to avoid a  high SUGAR intake, decided to take this to another level:

"Hey, why don't we SHARE the mini cakes."
"Ok, mom. One for Yn, one for mommy, and one for me."
(Right after that he gave his cake a bite.)

"That's OK honey. I don't want any."
Why don't you share MY MINI CAKE with your brother?"

Of course, this is what came to his mind:

"Ok, honey. Why don't we DIVIDE my mini cake in half?
(And here came mom's big chance to show the kid how to use a knife)

And this, my friend, is the story of the cute little kid who LEARNED to divide 3 objects into
2 "equal" parts.

Now he wants HALF of everything!!!

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