Thursday, July 29, 2010


"I think the best way to guide children is to:
a) follow your gut;
b) don't listen to any so-called experts if they go against what you know deep down inside is right;
c) FOLLOW YOUR CHILDREN. Don't hold them back, don't push them too hard, just follow their interests, pose interesting questions, and value them as the growing humans they are."

These words of wisdom came from my new cyber-friend, Pilar, author of Montessori Matters blog and writer at Maria She is not only knowledgeable in the Montessori Method and Principles but truly understands how to homeschool the Montessori way.
I'm sharing this with you in hopes of helping someone out there that needs to hear this and to remind myself as well. As the saying goes: Sharing IS Caring!

Personally, item b) really made me laugh as the very person saying this is a Montessori certified guide.

*If any of my lovely readers needs a Spanish translation please let me know. {Wait a minute, shouldn't I be saying this in Spanish... ahem!}

*Si algunos de mis apreciados lectores necesitan traducción al Español favor de dejarme saber.


  1. Hi Evelyn! Yeah, isn't it ironic that a know-it-all blogger (me) is telling you not to listen to experts? :) But it's true! I think that's the #1 problem parents have nowadays, and it's the reason they don't feel capable and successful as parents (and why many don't seem to enjoy their role). I feel that as a society we've lost touch with what we know is right, and it's because we've drifted away from our extended families, spend too much time working to really get to know our kids, and are deluged by so-called experts and products that claim to be able to fix whatever is wrong with your child.

    I can't stress enough: follow your child, follow your child, follow your child! He's your child, you know him better than ANY expert out there. :)

    Thanks for posting a link to my blog, I hope your readers enjoy my ramblings! :)

  2. I was JUST thinking about this today. As I looked at the baby I thought how I follow his sleep needs. With my first child I followed a book. I am much more relaxed because I follow his needs and not some schedule someone says I need to follow.

    I've followed my gut with school and every day I see how right it is for us to have our kids at home and school at home. They are so happy and comfortable. I am following their needs and it feels great!


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