Sunday, July 25, 2010

Estudio de la NATURALEZA / NATURE Study

Para esto próximo curso escolar me encantaría estudiar más la Naturaleza con mis niños. Quisiera que nuestro estudio fuera divertido y natural, sin mucha estructura.
Se que sólo así funcionará para nosotros.
Por eso quedé fascinada con este blog,
Handbook of Nature Study, que es bien educativo y amigable, ya que te enseña hasta cómo comenzar tu estudio de la naturaleza aprendiendo de lo que está más cerca de tu hogar.
Hay mucha información para leer.
Espero lo disfruten y se sientan inspirados como yo!
///I'd love to have more Nature Study with my kids this upcoming school year.
I picture this as an enjoyable and natural learning experience.
I would not want too much structure nor rigidity as it would never work for us as a family.
Having said this, I'd like to share a link to a very educational and friendly blog called Handbook of Nature Study.
It even shows you how to start your very own Nature Study with what is close to home.
Hope you find it as helpful and inspirational as I did!

"A twenty minute trip with a picnic lunch can make a day in the country accessible to almost anyone, but why do it just one day? Why not do it lots of days? Or even every nice day?"
Charlotte Mason

{But definitely NOT on rainy days! :D }

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  1. I love that site, it's so good. Just don't go there if you need to go potty. I remember (they may have changed this) going there when I needed to go bathroom and the soothing river sounds made me want to run.


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